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Auto Electrical

A faulty alternator can be a major headache, causing slow engine turnover, a sluggish start, flickering dash lights, all of which in many cases lead to a complete inability to start your engine. Issues with your starter motor can come as an even bigger surprise, putting your vehicle out of action with little warning. If you suspect you might have a problem starting your vehicle up, don’t hesitate to have your alternator and starter motor checked.

We offer our customers a cast reconditioning service for starter motors and alternators, and stock a wide range of replacement units, both new and remanufactured.

To find out more about our electrical services, give us a call today!

Custom Wiring

Your vehicle’s wiring is fundamental to efficient operation and reliability – without it, your vehicle comes to a stop. You really can’t afford to leave your wiring to just anybody. We’re able to inspect your existing wiring, and help you make the right decisions about wiring options for existing components or new accessories.

With over 20 years experience rewiring everything from classic cars, caravans, boats, trailers, trucks, forklifts, construction equipment and agriculture machinery, leave your wiring work to BJP Mobile Auto Electric Rosebud.

Contact us today to discuss any wiring repairs you may need.

Air Conditioning

BJP Mobile Auto Electrics is nationally certified to service your vehicle’s air conditioning system, including a thorough check for leaks, oil top-ups, and a re-gassing with correct refrigerant R134a.

During the colder months in particular your system can develop cracks in your hosing, seals and fittings, so be sure to have it regularly checked by our air conditioning experts.

To find out how we can help you keep your vehicle cool, contact us today!

Interlock Devices

BJP Mobile Auto Electrics Rosebud is an accredited installer of Smartstart interlock devices for the Mornington Peninsula.

When dropping off your vehicle to have an interlock device installed, you must provide the following documentation:

  • Photo ID
  • Drivers License or receipt slip
  • Court order, or letter from VicRoads
  • Drink Driver education certificate

To find out more about interlock devices in general, please visit VicRoads’ website. To learn more specifically about SmartStart products, visit SmartStart by clicking here. Or, to make a booking to install an interlock in your vehicle, give us a call today.

Toyota Landcruiser

Dyno Tuning

At BJP Auto Electrics we’re excited to announce that we can now offer  ECU Remapping with the arrival of our new 2WD dyno. The dyno can be used to diagnose symptoms such as power drops, poor operation, flat spots, incorrect EFI settings and identify where peak power and torque is produced.

The stability of the rolling road also allows the diagnosis of drive line faults and other disturbances without having to concentrate on surrounding traffic. The dyno can be used to simulate load on the vehicle to help in the diagnosis of such problems as turbo faults, boost leaks and fueling issues.

We are now offering custom performance enhancing for all makes and models of diesel vehicles, and remapping for common-rail diesel vehicles. We program the ECU’s various parameters for optimum results, which allows us to optimise the engine safely to generate a more tailored remap suited to the customer’s individual vehicle and needs.

Other Repairs

We can offer repairs for all manner of makes and models of vehicles, from passenger cars and light commercial vehicles to motorbikes, trailers, marine craft, lawnmowers, caravans, farm vehicles and other agricultural equipment. We can also provide:

  • stock and installation of a variety of accessories and parts, from bullbars and side steps to light bars, CB radios and GPS
  • tyres for all models of car, truck and 4×4 vehicle
  • pre-purchase inspections for prospective used car buyers
  • supply and fit new exhaust systems and other performance parts
  • suspension upgrades
  • diagnostic scans
  • lawnmower repairs

To find out what else we can do for your vehicle, get in touch with us today!

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